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This conference has a threefold purpose:

(a) It shall be a forum dedicated for the discussion of the Catholic Faith. "Catholic" is here defined as all persons and Churches holding full communion with the Roman Pontiff, as well as the doctrines, liturgies, theology, and spirituality, et cetera, of the Latin and Eastern Uniate Churches.

(b) It shall also be a forum for the evangelization and catechization of our separated brethren and men of good will, in accord with the spirit of John 17:21 and 10:16. Any questions concerning the Catholic Faith are most welcome.

(c) It is dedicated to the memory of Robert Adams, who was a pioneer in helping get this echo started. Robert was a regular poster who had almost any answer to questions that we asked him. He also had a very good personality. He will be missed dearly by many in here.


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